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Painting with toy cars

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

If you fancy an easy messy activity, suitable for all ages from when your little one can sit up and hold a toy car, then this is for you!

Painting with toy cars is a fun sensory experience. Children can learn about colour mixing and the cars make interesting patterns in the paint. You can use any toy vehicle, not just cars. Here we used tractors, lorries and an excavator too!

To begin with you will need to find a selection of vehicles that have different tyre markings. The children will enjoy helping with this.

Next, prepare your area. If you want to be super messy, you could do this on the floor and let the children move about in the paint. To keep the mess to a minimum, set up a small tray or like I have done, set up at the table. It is also a great tuff spot activity.

I used large sheets of white paper roll here (lining paper from D.I.Y stores is great for this) and attached them together but you can use any colour, size and type of paper.

To begin with put a few spots of different coloured paints onto the paper. You could ask your children to choose along with a vehicle each and encourage them to move them through the paint. You will find that most children will not need much encouragement!

Talk to your children about the different patterns the vehicles make, are they wide or narrow? and the colours made when the paints are mixed together. If you have more than one child, encourage them to swap vehicles.

An extension to this activity could be making a car wash to clean the vehicles afterwards. using a tub with soapy water or at the sink.

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