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5 fun ways with Duplo - EYFS maths

Colour sorting

Ask your child to put the bricks in colour order. If there are different amounts of bricks in each colour chat to your child about more than and less than and ask them to show you which colour has more and which has less. A great way to learn colours and compare quantities.


Find some objects that your child can measure using the bricks. How many bricks do they need? Which object is longest? Which object is shortest? A great introduction to measuring length and height while counting.

Roll a tower

This is a fun counting game that is great for turn taking and learning to count off a dice.

Have a pile of bricks in the middle and a give each player a base for their tower to be built on.

The first player rolls the dice. They take as many bricks as they rolled and begin building their tower.

Play then passes to the next player and continues in this way, adding bricks according to what the dice says, until all the bricks have gone.

The winner is the player with the tallest tower.

Pattern cards

Draw some Duplo patterns for your child to build with their bricks. You can make them as easy or as difficult as your child can manage. A great introduction to sequencing.

Roll a block

Write the numbers 1-6 on as many bricks (minimum 6) as you like!

Ask your child to roll the dice and then counting the dots on the dice find the matching brick.

Once they have found all the bricks, get them to build a tower in numerical order.

This a great for number recognition and ordering.

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