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Twixmas: How to keep the kids entertained between Christmas and New Year

What is Twixmas? It has nothing to do with the chocolate bar - well, unless you want it to, it is the phrase coined to describe that period between Christmas and New Year where, unless you are back to work, you have no idea what the day is and are suffering with a touch of Christmas fatigue.

Kids are not immune to feeling out of routine and a tired during Twixmas, so it is important to have something up your parenting sleeve to help them with their Chrimbo comedown and keep them entertained, without an "I'm bored" uttered, and here is how.

1) Back to routine (of sorts)

Kids thrive on routine (blah, blah, blah) but they also do okay when their routine has gone AWOL (which it does over Christmas) from time to time, so there is nothing to worry about if their routine is all over the shop, however, if they are not back at nursery and school until the new year, then their 'usual' routine will not be fully back until then either, so just a few tweaks to get bedtimes and meal times back to the 'norm' is all you need to help your child feel less fatigued and more able to keep themselves occupied with their new toys and games - a winner for fatigued parents

2) Get some fresh air

It can be easy to just stay home and eat all the leftovers, but getting out each day for some fresh air will keep you all sane. Kids are often instantly happier once they step out the door, so head to the park, go on a lovely scenic walk or bike ride and take your turkey sandwiches along to enjoy as part of a winter picnic. Getting outside earlier in the day is best as there is

more sunlight which can help strengthen the body clock for night-time sleep. Raining? Throw on the waterproofs and wellies and have a puddle jumping competition.

3) Keep things simple

You don't need to plan too much, but having something to do each day, will really help. You could arrange to see friends - playdates mean the kids are entertained, get the arts and crafts out or whip up something tasty in the kitchen. There are some great ideas and recipes here

4) Tick of some things on the kids bucket list

Not sure your child has a bucket list? Download my 50 things to do before you are 5 and 50 things to do before you are 10 - the ultimate bucket lists for kids.

5)Look for things to do locally

Are there any events happening? There are often pantos and other theatre shows running and there are always films to see at the cinema. Check out your local community groups to see what's on and book something for you all to enjoy.

Some screen time is okay

If money is tight and going to the cinema or to watch a show is not an option, why not bring the cinema to you? Pop some corn and add in some of the kids Christmas chocolate and enjoy a couple hours of peace with a cuppa.

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