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Three ways to help your kids beat the January Blues

It's not just adults who can struggle with the January Blues, kids often find January hard too.

December is a full on month for kids (and parents) and once Christmas has been and gone it can be hard to know how to get back some sense of normality, so these handy tips will help your child get back on track and beat the January Blues.

1) Eat, sleep, move, repeat

Getting back to routine means getting back to a healthy balance of eating, sleeping and moving.

This never means your child should be put on a diet - that is not a word they need to be aware of in my opinion, it just means that you up their fruit and veg intake, go back to eating at regular times, eating good nutritionally balanced meals and reducing the amount

of Christmas chocolate consumed each day.

Sleep, as we know, helps us to function well and heading back to school kids need their brains fully functioning. Bring bedtime back gradually over a week and try and avoid too late a night on the weekends.

It can be hard to find the motivation to get out and about when it is dull or damp - as January so often is, but it is important, for not only your child's physical health but their mental health also, that they spend time outdoors each day and move their bodies. A walk, bike ride or a trip to the park can all boost their mood and help them feel better and beat those blues.

2) De-clutter

I often recommend this before Christmas, but it isn't always achievable, so why not use this month as a good time to clear out the old and make room for the new and the year ahead?

It can be hard to know where to start, so I have shared my tips here to help.

3) Plan something fun

Laughing and having fun is great for helping to nurture kid's self-esteem and build resilience, plus, it's a great stress buster too.

Heading back to school and work means less family time which can often feel like a welcome break for parents (and kids) but it is important to schedule in time to do fun things as a family.

This should be non-negotiable and free from distractions - so no phones/emails and if you can, try and plan something each week. Go see a movie at the cinema, head to the bowling alley or just plan a games night at home, but whatever it is that suits your budget and family, just make sure it is fun.

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