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Painting on foil with Puffy Paint

Puffy paint is really easy to make and provides a fab, fun sensory experience. It is great for painting on a vertical surface, such as an easel, without dripping like paint often does and older kids might like to use it in a piping bag (add paint to a ziplock bag and seal, twist tightly and snip the corner with scissors).

To make Puffy Paint you just need the following items:

  • PVA glue

  • Shaving foam

  • Food colouring or paint

Mix equal parts glue and shaving foam with a few drops of food colouring or paint and you are ready to go!

Today, rather than painting on card or paper we used foil and instead of using paintbrushes we used cotton buds. Straight away the kids were excited about what we were going to do!

I cut some card off a cardboard box and wrapped a piece of foil around it to make an easel and then let the kids get to work.

I only had pink and blue food colouring in the house so I also used some green and orange paint. A lack of PVA meant not as many colours as I would have liked but the kids were very happy regardless and loved making different patterns.

Leo, 3 years decided he would like to write his name and after getting flustered with the cotton bud, used his finger instead which worked much better and he said the paint felt sticky but smooth.

The kids enjoyed painting in this way, particularly on the foil and are keen to explore how else they can use the Puffy Paint.

Painting on foil can be done with regular paint or taste safe paint too so it also makes a great sensory activity for babies and younger children.

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