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Mother knows best –Mums share how they know their child is ill BEFORE they have symptoms

Do you ‘just know’ when your child is coming down with an illness? I do.

Before the obvious signs of a temperature, headache or sickness etc, I always know that my two are ill. My eldest always sleeps in…something which NEVER usually happens and my youngest gets properly feisty and emotional.

Whether you believe in motherly instinct or not, it seems that I am not the only mum who has a ‘sixth sense’ that their child is going to be ill, as these mums can confirm.

Elly, mum to Ruby says, “Ruby used to wet herself when she was coming down with something, or wet the bed at night” and Anna, owner of Build a Bundle says that her kids lose their ‘sparkle’. Something that may not make sense to anyone else but is a big red flag to her.

Other mums say that they always know that illness is brewing when their child wants unlimited cuddles.

Michelle, mum of two says that her little one becomes super clingy and Kate, owner of Rocket Lingo, says that her girls become more cuddly than usual, seeking comfort from blankets and they just become more, what she calls, “floppy” than usual.

Hannah, mum to two girls says that they also want more cuddles than usual, along with asking for bed during the day – something Michelle has noted too: “He always asks for bed from about 4.30pm” she says.

And if they are not asking for bed, Ami, founder of Super Mum says that her 6 -year old, 4-year-old and 15 month old, all become quiet and still, which Hannah, creator of Calm Cats says also happens to her children.

“If they aren’t hooning around the house like usual, I know that they are coming down with something!” And Amy, owner of Sentimental Gift Co. says that it is unheard of for her son to sit still, so when he does, she knows.

Hannah also notices that her children are super emotional over EVERYTHING, which Sarah, another mum of two also experiences with her son.

Being emotional and tired seem to be pretty common ‘signs’ and perhaps fairly obvious, but are there any other warning signs that children give their parents?

Sarah, Ami and Amy say that

going off their food is also a clue, as does Alice, owner of Alice Made " My kids are constantly hungry", she says, "So I know that something is up if they don't want to eat!"

But, something else that Alice has noticed, along with Emma, mum of two and Karen, creator of Tots Playtime Box is perhaps a little stranger.

“I can smell when my children are ill or coming down with something” says Emma “I know that sounds weird”.

However, Karen agrees. “I always smell it on their breath – they have a certain smell”

Which Alice describes as either "a bit fishy or sweet". Urgh!

So, if you notice any of these signs in your child, brace yourself for a dose of something coming your way!

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