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Blow painting

Blow painting is a fun alternative way for the kids to be creative and is a great Occupational therapy activity too which can aid their speech and language develpoment.

You can use watercolour paints but if you don't have them, watering down regular paint works well too.

What you need :

  • Paint

  • straws

  • card or thick paper

  • droppers (optional)

What to do:

  • Put the paint into different bowls. Add a small amount of water if you are using regular paint. You want the paint to be thin enough that the children are able to blow it but not too thin that it soaks through the card.

  • Give the kids a dropper to add some paint to the card and then using their straws blow the paint across it.

Here, the kids dabbed paint onto the card with their straws but they could also use droppers if you have them.

Cutting the straws helps to make it easier to blow the paint and you can include younger children by piercing a hole halfway up the straw to avoid the paint being sucked up and swallowed!

See what patterns the children can make and add glitter for some sparkly fun or once dried add googly eyes!

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