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Activities for a rainy day

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Don't let rain stop play! Here are some fun activities to keep your little one entertained when it rains.

Painting with toy cars

This is a fun way to explore patterns while making some cool artwork!

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Puffy paint

A drip free way to paint with a different texture

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Painting with Sticklebricks

A lovely, unique way to paint. Great for shape recognition too!

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Bubble wrap painting

A great tummy time activity or for babies who are sitting up but unable to move around yet!

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Find put here how to make your own or use ready made, either way your toddler will have great fun!

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Dinosaur swamp

A great sensory activity using cornflour and cocoa. If you don't have dinosaurs you could use any other easy to clean toy instead or just put a selection of utensils in for your child to scoop, pour and mix with.

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Soap Foam

Super easy to make and provides a lot of fun!

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Water beads

Water beads are another fab sensory activity and just watching them grow is fun itself!

Make them in to a theme tub or just leave them as they are with utensils to scoop, pour and mash and let your child explore!

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Dried lentil play

An oldie but a goodie! Lentils and other dried pulses or dried pasta are a great easy and cheap way to provide lots of sensory fun for you little one.

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Cooked spaghetti

Another fab sensory activity that can be coloured or plain. Hide things for them to find, give them scissors to cut the spaghetti or leave them to use their imaginations and play freely.

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Lolly stick fun

If you have some lolly sticks in your craft box, try these fun maths activities.

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4 ways with UNO

If your little one is not yet able to play Uno, check out these 4 fun ways that also help withe early maths.

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Sock beanbags

No bean bags? No problem, just use socks! This is a fun activity that encourages turn taking and helps with hand-eye co-ordination.

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Colander and pipe cleaners

This is a fab fine motor activity and can also help with colour recognition.

No pipe cleaners? Try using dried spaghetti instead.

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Duplo pattern cards

A great way to encourage your little one to build following a pattern. You can make the patterns as easy or hard as needed depending on you child's capabilities.

Easy cupcake recipe

This is my go to Mary Berry recipe when I just want something easy to make. Perfect to go with a rainy day cuppa!

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Iced biscuits

Did you even live in the 80's and 90's if you didn't make an iced biscuit??! This activity is perfect if baking is not your thing and kids today still love it!

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Basic biscuit recipe

This recipe is really easy and a good go to for days when you need things a little easier.

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