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5 ways to teach your child to be kind

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Be kind. As adults we understand what that means but how do we ensure our kids grow up to show kindness and compassion towards others?

Be a good role model

A large part of parenting is modelling. Your child will learn what it means to be kind by the examples you set. This may be as simple as greeting people politely, saying thank you or complimenting someone but it is equally important that you show love, compassion, empathy and understanding towards your child too even during the times you may feel it is tricky to do so.

Teach them empathy

"How would you feel if...?" An important question to ask a child when they are not being kind. Helping them understand what it is like to be on the receiving end will teach them the art of empathy, a key part of teaching kindness.

If you can't say something nice...

Teach your child to get into the habit of saying nice things, the kind of things that will make someone feel happy rather than sad. Again, modelling will hugely help here. If your child hears lots of positive things said to them they are much more likely to be the same towards other people.

Mind your P's and Q's

Good manners are part of learning to be kind. Get your child in the habit of being respectful to others, greeting people properly and speaking politely from a young age and you will reap the benefits when they are older.

Be careful not to spoil your kids

Spoiled children tend to become self-centered and rude and not particularly kind.

Kind children think of others and are thankful. Which child would you rather have?

When we give in to our children's demands and give them everything they want they grow up expecting the same throughout life. This can have a negative effect on their friendships and later on in their relationships and ultimately it is not teaching them how to be kind.

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