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5 ways to teach your child courage

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Courage is a vital life skill. It is a learned behaviour, therefore, it is important that parents/carers take the time to help teach their children how to be courageous.

1) Praise and encouragement

Not only does this help to boost your child's self esteem, but it also helps them to become more courageous.

We talk a lot about believing in ourselves as parents, and it is just as important to teach our children to believe in themselves too. Showing our children that we believe in them is a good start, but also giving them encouragement not to give up when things have not quite gone to plan will help.

2) Be a good role model

Just because you fear something, it doesn't mean that your child should too.

Think about how you react to situations that you don't like and how this could have a negative impact on your child. Show them that you can still be brave , even when you are fearful.

3) Challenge them

Introduce your child to new things all the time. New foods, activities and experiences, and do things they might fear, giving lots of praise and encouragement.

We come across new things all the time throughout our lives, so making them a normal part of life will help.

4) Teach them that it is OK to be wrong

Making mistakes is no bad thing. It is how we learn and children shouldn't feel bad, or be made to feel bad when they get it wrong.

This doesn't mean that you should never tell your child off, but it does mean showing some empathy and being their safety net when they fall.

5) Role Play

Role playing scenarios that show courage and bravery can help your child's understanding of what it means to be courageous and also help them to see the many forms that being courageous takes.

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