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How to keep your toddler still during a haircut

Asking a toddler to sit still for more than a minute is a big ask, but asking them to sit still for more than a minute and have their haircut, well, that's a HUGE ask and the thought of taking them for a haircut might well fill you with dread.

Fear not though, as while your little one will never be statue still - and you shouldn't expect them to be, these 5 ways will really help them to feel calm and sit still during a haircut.

1) Find a child-friendly salon

You might love your hairdresser and salon, but are they well suited to a young child? Before you book them in, do some research and take your child along to the salon that best meets their needs - think toys, car shaped chairs and fish in a tank, occasionally situated inside a children's store.

Still unsure? Ask your parent friends or on local chat forums for recommendations.

2) Use a mobile hairdresser

Having someone who can come to your home means that your child has all their creature comforts around them and they may find the experience less daunting. Again, research toddler-friendly stylists and don't see it necessarily as a long term thing. Once your child has mastered having their hair cut at home, you will find a salon cut much easier - although, be prepared, you may pay more in a salon.

3) Distraction

Screens can be useful to keep your child still as watching their favourite shows can distract them, however, you don't have to rely on a screen - children have been having hair cuts long before the iPad was invented after all, instead, you could sit in front of them and read stories. And, we all know that toddlers love a snack, so pack some of their favourites to help get them through.

4) Role play

Role playing hair salons can help ease any anxiety and helps your child predict what is going to happen. Pretend to give your child a hair cut and vice versa, use pretend scissors, or your fingers to cut. At bath time, use an squirty bottle to spritz their hair with water and explain "just like the hairdresser does it" so that they are used to the sensation and will know what to expect.

5) Buy hair essentials

You don't want the first time your child has their hair cut to be the first time that they have had a comb or brush put through it, so take them shopping for a brush and a comb to help them be familiar and make hair brushing a part of their everyday routine.

And of course, praise goes a long way, so make sure that you pile it on during and after the cut to ensure that they are happy the next time they need their hair cutting.

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